Stamford’s East Side is fast becoming Connecticut’s next great neighborhood, in no small measure thanks to The East Side Partnership.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Attracted new commercial and residential developments including Eastside Commons and Glenview House with luxury retail space and 250 residential units
  • Hosted the first neighborhood conversation with the community to discuss goals and concerns of residents and business owners
  • Referred over 100 jobs annually to the East Side community
  • Renovated and expanded a recreational field on city property
  • Collaborated with the City of Stamford to paint East Main Street bridge and installed pedestrian safety lighting under the bridge
  • Placed twenty-two trash receptacles and twenty- five planters along East Main Street, a garden at the round about at exit nine, and a sculpture garden next to the railroad bridge.

The East Side Partnership organizes annual projects to improve the community.

Examples of these recurring projects include:

  • Sponsoring semi-annual neighborhood clean-up and planting projects
  • Promoting the establishment of East Main Street Train Station with the State Department of Transportation
  • Endorsing neighborhood interests on transportation projects including the Stamford Urban Transitway
  • Hosting training and development workshops for East Side residents
  • Addressing pedestrian safety and parking issues with our City Traffic Planner