Karlos & Camille's Story

My Brother Camille and I are originally from Togo, West Africa. Upon our arrival to the United States, our parents subsequently chose to settle in Stamford.  After several years of struggling to meet the rising living costs, our parents decided to relocate to Houston seeking affordability. My brother and I had other ambitions. Still enrolled in College and with our startup company Harvest Road Production flourishing, we ultimately split from our parents.  We remained in Stamford to pursue the development of our company. 

We suddenly found ourselves alone, with no employment, no money and assistance. As a resident of the rapidly transforming East Side neighborhood of Stamford, we became abreast of a program that helps teenagers in need. I took the initiative and promptly reached out the East Side Partnership of Stamford for help. The group’s Chairman, James Grunberger warmly invited me join his program and took me under his wing.

Through his guidance, my brother and I were able to receive assistance in accelerating our academic, career and personal growth. He provided us with tremendous encouragement and the tools to prosper. My brother and I now have jobs, a computer for our video editing, health consultations from a naturopathic doctor and an affordable, newly renovated, quality apartment with washing and drying machines included.

I have recently been promoted to a managerial role within the program after displaying my skills. My life has substantially transformed after meeting Mr. Grunberger. He provided me with phenomenal opportunities and for all that I am forever grateful!