My name is Sachini, a Junior at UConn. Prior to that, I was enrolled in the college preparation program at Future 5. I joined Future 5 about a year and a half after moving to America from Sri Lanka.

James Grunberger is my mentor and has an incredibly positive influence on my life. He helped me get through the transition from high school to college and words cannot describe how grateful I am towards him.

He introduced me to Katie Trivia former Executive Director of ESP.  She was a great mentor and she guided me through projects on how to make the East side of Stamford a safer and prettier neighborhood. As a former East Side resident I was glad that I was able to give back to my community through ESP. 

I also worked with Miriam who is currently working with the Peace Corps in Africa.  She was also a strong advocate for the ESP at weekly meetings with James, Katie and the rest of the Board

After I finished my Bachelors Degree I plan to be more involved with the ESP. I want to help James Grunberger and his ESP teen beautification crew in creating a safe and beautiful neighborhood for  future generations. 

Sachini Welikannage