Emigrating from Guatemala, growing up in the United States was not an easy feat. Integrating into the American lifestyle was difficult but my faith and confidence drove my success. My parents are not college graduates so it is up to me to be the first generation child in my family. And to be a good role model for my younger sister to follow.

Life was very dull before East Side Partnership. I was working at a deadbeat job that took time away from my athletic training. I was having hardships communicating with my father and helping the family financially with the little that I make. Those and a number of other issues were contributing to depression.

 I had nobody supporting me and nobody to express my emotions to. 

After joining The East Side Partnership, James became a trustworthy mentor that was supporting me. Always had a listening ear to hear me out on the issues going on in my life.  He expanded my professional network. I was offered a better job opportunity when we I needed it the most, and James fed me when I had no money to feed myself, and we had nothing in the fridge. There is so much so say that can span out to 20 pages, The East Side Partnership has been a life- changing blessing in my life.

There are no words to express all that The East Side Partnership has done for me. All I can say is that I would not be where I am today without ESP. I hope one day to get to the place where I can invest so much time and support or the struggling youth. I aspire to make James and ESP proud one day.

I’m  doing well in all my classes now, and am more focused. I have a big pool of advice from James that I always go back to when I run into obstacles in life.