Jonathan Hoch

Jonathan Hoch

My name is Jonathan Hoch. I am the Chief Operating Officer at Domus. From the very beginning in 1998, I’ve been very much in love with my job. I get to work with the after-school programs, finances, and human resources. My position has a lot of moving parts, but it does come with flexibility. 

I personally first acquainted James through a mutual friend. We lost communication for a bit. A few years later we got reconnected through a student attending Trail Blazers that he was mentoring. Fortunately that was the same time that he was starting the East Side Partnership. 

Before the East Side Partnership, there was no-one trying to connect the dots in the community. There was no-one to go to when issues arose. The East Side Partnership was there to listen to the community and pursue a solution. For example, there was a speeding issue in front of the building. With help from the ESP we were able to get a crossing walk in front of the school. Parents and students alike felt more safe and were very pleased with the change. This was just one of many. It is almost immeasurable all the good things that ESP was doing for and within the east side community. James has a knack for looking toward a solution for the community, and I am very thankful for that.

The East Side Partnership does a terrific job at informing the community about activities doing on, I hope that they continue moving forward.