Mona Mitri

Mona Mitri

I am  Mona Mitri, the owner of Tutor Me SOS. We tutor students from age 3 to college age on all subjects and prepare students for standardized tests. There are free online programs for students looking to improve their skills on their own time. All-around, we offer an abundant variety of services for students. 

I cherish my job because I can see the direct impact it has on students. The tutoring really helps in boosting their confidence getting into the college of their dreams. It encourages them to open their mind and walk in their intelligence. 

Before starting my own company, I was the director of a tutoring club. It was through that, that I initially met James. He would always buy hours with the company to help underprivileged kids. 

He has always personally been a great supporter. He has helped build confidence in what I do. I always struggled with the value of my belief,  “students need tutoring and guidance”. James was always there affirming that my belief is of great value, and that I was needed in the community. But above all of that James has been an excellent role model. Seeing his drive to help others has influenced me to do the same. 

There are a number of students that come through ESP. There was one student that was struggling in many areas at school. With our help they were able to overcome their struggles and go to UCONN with a pre-med degree. It helped them get the grades that they wanted to get into their programs. 

Moving forward, I want to bring a larger group of underprivileged students into my program. Seeing how the tutoring has helped the students I’ve worked with, it would be great to offer that to those who can’t afford it. The costs of that dream are too overwhelming for me to provide at the moment but I do hope to work with ESP to make it possible.