East Side Partnership Sewing Workshop

Over the past 5 weeks from October 21 – November 19, 2015, the East Side Partnership has hosted free sewing classes for Stamford residents on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Nelly Gonzalez was our patient and impressive sewing instructor. We had 13 participants on average and over 5 children in attendance each night for 2 hours. The group had a lot of energy, enthusiasm and creativity. They established friendships, learned great tangible skills to help their families or even get a job, and networked with each other. The course included learning the sewing basics and included designing and creating a skirt and dress from scratch.

The course of made possible by a grant from St. John’s Community Fund. The East Side Partnership utilized businesses in our neighborhood to help us execute the workshop, including nightly dinners from Speedy’s Pizza on East Main Street. Thank you to everyone who helped make this workshop such a success!