Frank Cronin Field Naming Event


STAMFORD, CT, May 7, 2016 ─ Stamford Police Foundation, Domus and The East Side Partnership co-hosted a field naming event on the Domus campus. The newly renovated ball field has been named after former Assistant Chief of Police Francis Cronin.

During his 37-year career with the Stamford Police Department, Cronin was an extraordinary career policeman not only to his peers, but also to his community.

Known as “Pinky” during his time, Cronin led the police anti-drug unit to make thousands of arrests and significantly reduced drug activity in Stamford in the 1980’s. Cronin was stabbed several times while investigating drug trade.

Cronin progressed through the ranks from a uniform patrolman to a sergeant in the Detective Bureau. He was the Commander of the anti-drug unit, known as COPE-PACT (Community Oriented Police Enforcement-Police and Citizens Together), and also headed the Internal Affairs Unit. Frank was promoted to Assistant Chief of Police in 2010.

As he rose through the ranks, Cronin became a mentor and teacher. He was a father figure to the community: he often played handball with teens and turned troubled youth in the right direction. Cronin taught many officers who worked under him to treat both victims and suspects with compassion.

Cronin was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 1993. He worked tirelessly while struggling with bone cancer for 18 years. Cronin passed on March 25, 2011, and he has been deeply missed by his family, friends, colleagues and many others in our city.

Police Chief Jon Fontneau said, “I had the distinct pleasure of working with Frank Cronin. During that time Frank Cronin received many accolades for his initiation and

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tenacity in bringing countless criminals to justice. Frank was adept at all facets of policing. He was an extremely principled individual who had a reputation for fairness, and firmness. Frank Cronin was a role model police officer for whom I had tremendous respect.”

Mayor David Martin said, “Chief Cronin was incredibly dedicated to Stamford, and especially the East Side neighborhood. He worked hard to build strong relationships with residents that ultimately helped him keep us safe. His impressive 37 years of service to our community will not soon be forgotten with his name a legacy living on at this ball field.”

The East Side Partnership renovated the Francis Cronin Field along with the City of Stamford.

“The expansion and renovation of this field was a labor of love for the Trailblazers and CLC children,” said James Grunberger, the East Side Partnership chairman. “Frank Cronin was a one-of-a-kind man who lives on in some way as a hero for all of us.”

The field is shared by Trailblazers Academy, a charter middle school run by Domus, and Childcare Learning Centers.

Mike Duggan, Executive Director of Domus said, “We’re grateful to the East Side Partnership and the Stamford Police Department, who are both excellent partners in our work, for their dedication to this neighborhood. We’re honored this field, which hosts so many local children and families each day, will now recognize a man committed to bringing people together.”

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