In the Spotlight: “Green Side of the East Side” Anti Littering/Anti-Dumping Campaign

On July 21, the Stamford Advocate published a feature story about our grass-root cleanup team. We want to express our thanks to the 11 teen workers who pick up garbage, paint over graffiti and water our gardens and planters in our neighborhood every week!

Also in July, the Stamford Sanitation and Recycling Division waived our dumping fee at the City’s Scale House. By having this fee waived, we save approximately $800 on an average each month for the dumping of the bulky waste collected from the East Side.

In addition, the Sanitation and Recycling Division also agreed to provide, at no cost, 38 metal waste receptacles and plastic garbage bins to be distributed all over the neighborhood at street corners, near underpasses and bus stops. These receptacles and bins are for litter and recyclable materials.

We ask you to properly place your litter and recyclable materials once these receptacles and garbage bins are installed.

We also like to thank Frank Fedeli, Supervisor of the Citizens’ Service Bureau Center, and his dedicated Customer Service Specialists, for their assistance in helping us remove dead trees and bulky trash found in some of the properties on the East Side. Mr. Fedeli has agreed to fine owners for illegal dumping on their property.

If you need to dispose bulky waste to the City’s Scale House, see the City’s instructions.

Share your ideas and suggestions for our campaign and follow us on Facebook@EastSidePartnership and Twitter @EastSidePartner. Together let’s make the East Side streets cleaner!