Our Achievements

  • The East Side Partnership has attracted new commercial and residential developments, including Eastside Commons and Glenview House with luxury retail space, featuring over two hundred and fifty units.

  • We refer over one hundred jobs to the East Side community on an annual basis.

  • We have renovated and expanded a recreational field on city property.

  • Recently, the City of Stamford has collaborated with us to paint the East Main Street bridge and install pedestrian safety lighting around it.

  • We have now placed twenty two trash receptacles and twenty five planters along East Main Street.

  • We maintain the garden that is on the roundabout at Exit 9 on i-95.

  • We also maintain the sculpture garden by the railroad bridge.

Other Recurring Projects

  • Sponsoring semi-annual neighborhood cleanups and environment planting projects.

  • Establishing the East Main Street Train Station with the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation.

  • Endorsing neighborhood interests on transportation projects, such as the Stamford Urban Transitway.

  • Hosting training and development workshops for residents of Stamford’s East Side.

  • Addressing pedestrian safety and parking with our City Traffic Planner.